Frequently Asked Questions About Online Slots

Many punters, especially those still new to online casinos, tend to have a series of questions about online slots. In this article, we answer some of the frequently asked questions about real money and free online slot machines. To learn more about poker and blackjack slots, visit

Is playing slots online a safe activity?

It's very safe to play slots online if you take the right precautions. There are practically two distinct precautions that an individual must take. The first is choosing the casino to play at. If you stick to reputable casino sites, you'll be safe. To determine a site's reputation:

  1. Check if the site is licensed and regulated in a reputable jurisdiction
  2. Read the customer reviews to determine if the site makes timely payments

The second precaution has a lot to do with the safety of your mobile device or compute, as well as the security of your account information. It is recommended that you make a separate email that you will only use for your casino account information.

What is the legality of the online slot machines?

The legality of online slot machines is determined by the region where an individual lives. In the United States, for instance, it is considered an illegal act at the federal level, to bet on sports. Generally, it is an illegal act to run an online casino without licensure.

However, it's not illegal for a punter to play online slots over the internet whether for free or for real money. Other states and countries have their laws regarding the operation of online casinos. All you need is to understand your country's law regarding online slots.

Are online slots rigged?

It is true all the slot machines are mathematically rigged. This, however, does not imply that the house has absolute control over the playing session or any individual result. It simply implies that over time, the odds of winning are higher than the payoff odds on the bets.

The results of the slot machines are never based on what happened previously. If, for instance, a player has a 1 in 1000 chance of winning a slot's jackpot, and they win, their odds of winning the same jackpot again remain the same.

What is the main difference between slot machines and video poker?

There are huge differences between the two. In a casino where a player doesn't know the edge of the house, slot machines are the only games. This is because despite the player knowing the distinct combinations and the payoffs, they don't know the fitting odds. In video poker:

  • Poker games use poker hands for their combinations
  • If a player knows the payoffs and the winning odds, they can work out the game's house edge

The other key difference between the two is that a player has to decide on each video poker hand. A player has the option of discarding or keeping any card combination that they are dealt. This practically adds a skill element to video poker that lacks in slot machines.

What is a hit frequency in relation to slot machines?

Hit frequency is a term used with slot machines to refer to how often a winning combination is hit by a slot machine. This concept is directly related to the payback percentage and the house edge. However, it is not necessarily the same thing.

A slot machine that seldom hits the winning combination, but with higher average wins might have a higher payback percentage than one that hits often but only for small wins. Usually, the slot machine manufacturers and designers have lots of data that inform their decisions on payback percentages.